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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Senator Specter Official Portrait Unveiled

Hundreds of supporters, friends and family joined Senator Arlen Specter at the National Constitution Center Friday evening for the unveiling of the Senator's official portrait. It was the largest crowd I have had the honor of unveiling a portrait for and a testament to the popularity of the Senator.

Speakers included Senator Specter's long-time friend and collegue Bob Dole, Governor Ed Rendell, and actor Michael J. Fox, who praised Specter for his work on stem-cell research and Specter's son, Shanin Specter who said "I was struck at how well you captured in my father those qualities of grit, determination, and intesity that we know so well. If I may summarize those quailities in my father, it would be , in one word, 'will'."


Peggi Habets said...

Congratulations on the portrait of Arlen Specter. He is well-respected here in PA and the portrait is a great tribute to him. It reminds me of the JFK portrait.

trishsavides1 said...

Hi Shane,
Wow! Congratulations! I was fortunate enough to see Arlen Specters' portrait in your studio during a class. It is one of the most moving portraits I have ever seen. I am aware of his history and his health struggles and saw this in the portrait. I have never forgotton the emotions and contemplation you displayed. It is of course an honor to have taken two weeklong workshops with you. Looking forward to May 2009.
Sincerely, Trish Savides

MIchael Shane Neal said...

Thanks Trish and Peggi--
It is a great honor to have painted Senator Specter--he is a really terrific guy and incredibly hard worker. He is a dedicated public servant and loves the Senate. I am prayerful that he will beat the cancer he is now fighting. As his son said at the unveiling...if there is one word that describes Arlen Specter it is "will".