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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Summer Workshop in June

Jack Richeson School of Art
Portrait Class
Kimberly, Wisconsin
June 23-27,2008

I spoke with my friend and mentor Ray Kinstler after he returned from teaching a week long workshop at the Richeson School last year. He was excited about his experience and praised both the quality of the school and the directors.

When they phoned to ask if I would teach a class there this summer, I could not say no! Although I travel the country for portrait commissions, I rarely travel to teach. I am excited about the class and so looking forward to my week in Wisconsin.

During the workshop, we will be painting from live models in a spacious studio. I will be giving one-on-one instruction, demonstrations, and lectures throughout the week. Everyone will receive a nearly 200 page workbook I have written to compliment the week's studies. The class will kick off on Sunday night with a reception honoring the 2008 Figure Portrait Competition. The competition winners will be announced that evening.

If you are interested in attending, contact:

Art School Director, Terry Stanley
Email: artschool@richesonart.com
Richeson School of Art
PO Box 160
Kimberly, WI 54136-0160

Monday, May 19, 2008

Step 5

Continued development... A great number of brushes now worn out!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Step Four

Much of the canvas has been covered. The overall effect is established. I am now refining the overall image, working hard on the illusion, the likeness, and adding more detail.

Step Three

Constantly refining the drawing, I began to develop the head in more detail. I am also working to find the body inside the clothing.

Step Two

Working directly I began by massing in large areas, paying close attention to relationships of value, color, and proportion. I try to think simply wanting only the effect of the light.

Step One

Drawing in charcoal I mapped out the largest proportions. I am working on a white ground as opposed to a stained ground hoping the colors can remain more luminous, especially the thinner layers.

Portrait in Progress

I have been working on a fun portrait of a man from California for some time now. It has taken up my entire studio at 96" tall and I have to paint much of it from a step stool! He stands 6' 4" tall and wanted a life size painting for his home... makes for a BIG canvas! 

I have tried to photograph it as I have worked. I will attach them in several posts due to the number of photos. I hope to have new photos taken this week to show my latest progress. 

The are obviously many challenges on a portrait this size, but the sheer scale makes covering the canvas a real workout. I have even greater respect for Sorolla! I am concentrating on the effect of the light, the overall high key of the portrait and the amazing reflective color. FUN! 

For this and other demonstrations, check out my website at www.michaelshaneneal.com and click on "demo".

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Players Club Gala

I am just returning from a wonderful adventure to New York where 18 of my friends from around the country unveiled a series of Portraits for the Players Club Hall of Fame. It was a great event and a full house! During the evening I had a chance to visit with artist Linda Smith from New Mexico. Linda always has so many great ideas for painters including the tip on using a freezer zip lock bag for your brush washer! I am so glad to know who passed that one along to me so long ago!