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Friday, May 9, 2008

Portrait in Progress

I have been working on a fun portrait of a man from California for some time now. It has taken up my entire studio at 96" tall and I have to paint much of it from a step stool! He stands 6' 4" tall and wanted a life size painting for his home... makes for a BIG canvas! 

I have tried to photograph it as I have worked. I will attach them in several posts due to the number of photos. I hope to have new photos taken this week to show my latest progress. 

The are obviously many challenges on a portrait this size, but the sheer scale makes covering the canvas a real workout. I have even greater respect for Sorolla! I am concentrating on the effect of the light, the overall high key of the portrait and the amazing reflective color. FUN! 

For this and other demonstrations, check out my website at www.michaelshaneneal.com and click on "demo".

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