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Monday, July 4, 2011

Paul Stevens • A lesson in Achievement

One of my favorite parts of my job as an artist is meeting THE most fascinating people. Not only are you working to capture their outer likeness on canvas, you are also getting to know them as human beings... their unique, individual character and personality.

I just delivered a head portrait of a remarkably talented man. Once assistant to President Reagan for National Security Affairs, Mr. Stevens is now President of the national association of US investment companies. He also received the highest civilian honor from the Defense Department for distinguished public service. Oh, did I mention he also argued a case before the Supreme Court!

Well, if that was not enough this husband and father of four is also a author. I recently was introduced to his two "common place" books. I was not familiar with this genre of literature! The dictionary defines it as a "personal notebook of literary excerpts: used for copying down quotations and memorable passages from other books"

I just finished his second common place book entitled "Leaky Ships". You can find it on Amazon.com:

For those of you who love little pieces of interesting or obscure information, a bit of poetry, or a not so well known turn of phrase.... check out this wonderful collection by a truly fascinating guy.

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