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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

de Laszlo

I have long been a dedicated fan of the work of Philip de Laszlo.  If you don't have Brush with Grandeur on your shelves in your studio, you've got to pick one up today!  A terrific painter and friend of mine, Steve Moppart, recently introduced me to a spetacular website just created by the de Laszlo Foundation.  One of my favorite pages on the website includes a short black and white film of the great artist painting on location in Venice.   Wouldn't it be incredible if we had a film clip like this on Mr. Sargent!  Check it out!  


C. Ousley said...

Hello Shane welcome to blog land. De Laszlo was something.

Paul McCall said...

I like the shoes!

The de Laszlo book is wonderful but I found it a bit hard to find - had to order it from England. I'll be interested in how his web site fares since it charges a fee to spend much time therein.

al said...

Hello Mr. Shane.

Happy to see your new blog

Veronica Galey

afternoon said...

Hi Shane,

Thanks for taking the time to blog. It will be an inspiration and help. Would love to hear your comments about how you stay motivated. What do you do when you feel stale? Or do you ever? Have you introduced a new color on your palette? I love to see what artist you admire. Keep blogging!

Adrienne Stone

Sandra Bozer said...

Hello Shane:

I like de Laszlo, too. You mentioned him in your workshop. I'm glad you started a blog. It's great for us past workshop artists to stay in touch with you.

Deborah Ridgley said...

Hey Shane,
I am reading Alyson's new book as well and I am really enjoying it. She has some great ideas.
Great job on the new blog.I also enjoy reading Alyson's blogs. A few years ago she interviewed me for her blog about one of my portrait unveilings.
Can't wait to see both you and Alyson in Philly in April.
Deborah Ridgley

Sandra Bozer said...

Hello Shane:

The art world gets smaller and smaller. Today and tomorrow I'm taking Alyson Stanfield's workshop held here locally. She used your promo materials in class for an example. She asked if there were any portrait artists and I was the only one. I said I knew you and that you just started a blog. She then replied that she just sent you her book. Now there's 60 more artists that know of you:)

Jeff Morrow said...

Hi Shane,

I just tripped over your blog and it is a pleasure. I was just viewing the de Laszlo link...what a great site! In case you haven't already seen this, here's a great Sargent site with a link to many de Laszlo images and much, much more.

Jeff Morrow said...

Oh yes, the sargent link is: