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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Website Updates

We have just added new content to my website! www.michaelshaneneal.com

New Portraits:
See a few new portraits including John Barrymore for the Players Club in NYC. Visit www.michaelshaneneal.com/portrait_barrymore.shtml for oil and www.michaelshaneneal.com/sketch_barrymore.shtml for charcoal study.

New Demonstration:
Visit www.michaelshaneneal.com/demo_scirica.shtml to view a step by step demo of my portrait of Chief Judge Anthony Scirica. 

Workshop Dates:
We have also just announced my workshop dates for 2009. Please visit www.michaelshaneneal.com/workshops.html for more information.

The hat is especially great for painting. The bill is black underneath to minimize reflections and color distortion while you paint. Great for indoors or out!

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